Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yummy & Pretty

See told you that I would be back a lot sooner, the next day to be exact. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up fairly well. Apart from if I end up doing absolutely nothing or just being too busy.

Despite of the dreary weather I took my umbrella with me and went out to get some fresh air to clear my mind.

Went down to the Beverly Hills train station and took the train to the Central. This ride usually takes me 20 min, so it's not too far. So it pretty much takes me the same amount of time as when I took the bus from Ashfield/Summer Hill.

Since it's a Wednesday I decided to have another look at Paddy's Market. It's so much calmer on Wednesdays, so I didn't have to sharpen my elbows while waking around. Bought 2 things to make me feel better and feel prettier. (now don't you go saying that you never do that...the smallest thing can make me happy...sometimes I just have to look at pretty things without buying it and I will feel a lot better)

The Asian grocery shops here are "evil"! They have so many things one would just love to try and the packaging is both amazing and cute. This shop at the World Square shopping complex certainly beats the Chinese shops we have back in Malmö. As a coward as I was...I only bought one thing....a yummy thing though. (photo further down)

Just outside that shop I was greeted by this, ah! Everything here just looks 1000x better and it probably tastes as good as it looks. Didn't get anything, perhaps next time...probably wouldn't have been able to decide what I wanted anyway. *drools*

After that escapade I decided to head back home... and look what was waiting for me! A freebie from Nivea Australia! Boy was I surprised. I absolutely LOVE Nivea and pretty much swear by all their products. Inside this tube was their new Invisible 48h roll on. We'll see if it's good or not. I'm happy at least, always fun with free stuff...appreciate it. :)

This is what I got today. 2 yummy things and 2 pretty things. Yummy wise, I treated myself with two boxes of strawberries since they had a good deal on them + strawberries are healthy. Then at the Asian shop I got myself a package of Japanese Udon noodle soup which I love, especially the noodles. Good to have when feeling a bit hungry during lunch time.
At Paddy's Market I bought a Maybelline cream stick eyeshadow, just because it was for just $4 and needed some new makeup. Wanted to get some of Maybelline's Mousse Blush, but they only had some odd shades so I passed. Instead I got something for my hair when I make a bun. It's really pretty and dangly. Photos will come when I've tried it.

Just had some dinner and drinking some tea now. Will read some stuff for my culture class tomorrow and then I'll just take it easy. Ahh life is pretty good right now...if only I could find a part-time job everything would be complete...

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