Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back on track

As many of you may know, I didn't have the most fun incidence last Friday. When I was on my way to the city I suddenly couldn't breathe, I thought it would pass...but it didn't. I have a very mild asthma and perhaps need to use my inhaler/puffer once a year. But this time it got worse and worse. I always have my puffer with me, but never need to used it...but of course this time I seemed to have forgotten it back home. I got out of the train, and couldn't get any air at all and kept gasping for air. I was determined to at least get inside to an appointment I had. At that point I could barely speak and I could hear my own heart beating. Fortunately the people there were really helpful and kind, we decided it was for the best to call the ambulance...I was white as a sheet and my head started to ache really bad due to the lack of oxygen.
The ambulance arrived with sirens and all. I received a mask that provided me with oxygen and some kind of ventolin mixture from the kindest paramedic I've ever met. Slowly I could feel my airways opening up and it became so much easier to breathe. It's the best feeling ever. There's no way to explain it, if you haven't been in such a situation before. Something like this has only happened once before to me, but I could feel it creeping up on me during several days...while this just happened within 1-2 min! Quite strange and scary...hope it never ever happens again.
I was so grateful for the help and that the paramedic saved my life (might not have been here if it wasn't for him) that once I headed back out to go home I had to thank him again. I had the choice to go to the hospital, but he said that I probably knew what was the best for me and we decided that I would go back home, skip class and just relax.
Had quite a headache once I got home, no surprised though..poor brain. Had something to eat and drink and spent the rest of the day relaxing. The next day my head ache was pretty much gone and I felt like a reborn person. I'm taking this preventative inhaler now, every morning and evening for 2 weeks so that my system gets back to its normal state again.

During the weekend I've pretty much just been on a slow-mode, trying to not stress too much and regaining my strength again. Yesterday was quite amazing. It felt like summer, probably Aussie spring, but it was so warm outside that I didn't need to wear my jacket.

It actually got so warm at one point that I needed to cool myself down with a delicious  mango and passion fruit smoothie. Actually it's was more of a mix between sorbet and smoothie. Both ridiculously healthy and cooling. Don't want to strain my body too much at the moment, so have to think about everything. :)

I've also had some classes and assignments to do for uni. But I've tried not to rush things on, it just have to take its time. Going pretty well at the moment. However, might spend this upcoming week writing 2 essays *shivers*...ok I need to stay positive...I CAN do it!

On top of that, spring is just around the corner..actually it's now on Thursday!! Ah can't wait, desperately need the warmth and sun. Might trigger some good inspiration so that I might finish my essays really fast and therefore have more time over to do fun things like sightseeing and keeping you all up to date on the blog with fun stories and photos. One thing is for certain, I'll try to stay well and I'll see you all soon. 

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