Thursday, August 18, 2011

Braid away!

What a lovely contrast today was from yesterday. The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm. It's only 2 weeks away until it's officially spring here and I can't wait...especially for warmer nights, cause the evenings can get a bit chilly here. Oh well, not too long and I shall soon enjoy the climate Australia is famous for.

On Thursdays I have my Identity, Place and Culture class at 3 ó clock. It has to be my favourite course so far. We always have interesting discussions and get these fun readings, like last time we had to read about the Hulk/Bruce how often do you get to do that?

Just before heading out I felt I needed a change and did a pretty cool hairstyle with 4 accent braids in a sort of 19th century inspired bun. Turned out pretty well. Actually got a compliment in class from a classmate and she thought that it looked so cute. :D

Here's me in my paleness, soaking in the sun rays haha.

This is the lovely Beverly Hills neighbourhood I live in. It's really peaceful and quiet...well apart from that HUGE dog that always barks when you pass him. He usually stops when he senses that I don't fear him.

I live fairly close to the train station, so it takes me about 5-10 min to get there, depending on how fast you walk of course. Today I decided to just enjoy the day and not rush to uni.

After having arrived at the Central station I walk 2km to Sydney Uni. Oh it's not as bad as it sounds, only takes 20-30 min + it's a great exercise. I could always take the bus, but I've promised myself that I won't be that lazy while I'm here. And by the way, a long the way there are plenty of things to look at, sky-rising buildings, English pubs, Chinese restaurants, Regency architecture etc.

Once I reach the grounds of campus there's a lovely park, like taken out of a Claude Monet painting. This is Victoria Park. Perhaps some day I'll take a nice walk there and show you all what it's like there.

Passed the park (a tiny fraction of it) and headed up some steps and was greeted by this aesthetic view. Oh Sydney Uni is just so beautiful, why can't every university be like this? Surely it must be good for the mind to find itself in a Hogwarts environment... surely it must trigger more inspiration thus making studying easier...or perhaps it's just an inevitable path to being distracted by it's beauty and getting lost in a daydream... ;)

So off I went to class, listened to a lecture about music and identity and had a discussion. Actually we didn't only listen, we also watched some Youtube clips...really like when lectures are so versatile. After I finished, it was already dark outside and a bit chilly, headed straight to the train station, went home and had a delicious meal. I'm heading soon to Bedfordshire to visit Dreamville, wish you all the best and see you tomorrow!

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  1. well well, nice description of syd. uni. surrounding. wish i could there and having much talk about literature and music...