Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lime... definitely not the fruit

To refresh my mind and get away from all the studying I've been doing this weekend, me and Sienna (my homestay host mum) decided to head to the Blue Mountains to help out in a eco-friendly house project.

Woke up at at 6 and left the house fairly well dressed.

Hit the freeway, which was wide and open. In the distance we could already see the Blue Mountains.

After an hours ride we arrived at our destination in the heart of the park.

Unfortunately I didn't really get to see that much of the Blue Mountains, but I did get to see a few small villages...very lucky people to live like that. Ahh lovely greenery and fresh air!

Arrived at the project were bales of hay have been stacked to insulate the walls. After that lime, cement and sand was mixed together with some hay. We filled in the gaps and Tim began to cover the entire walls with the mixture with this odd looking machine.

After that we had to smooth down the walls a bit. Was some hard labour, but definitely fun and I learned a lot. Having been there for around 5-6 hours it was time to head back home...totally covered in the mixture and with aching backs.

On the way home we were greeted by this enormous rainbow...brings luck. :)

Arrived back safely, rather refreshed and more wise about great ways of how to build an eco-friendly house.

Nice white/greyish shoes you say? Actually, they are supposed to be black. In fact I was more muddy before heading back, but pretty much got most of it off before getting in the car...even my hair was covered in it.

All nice and clean now though, after having showered and changed my clothes. Back to finishing my essay and relax before another week starts!

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