Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A flash of landmarks

Since I was such a good student yesterday (handed in my essay 1 week in advance without knowing about it), I decided I should give myself the reward to head into the city.

I decided to not stop by my regular train station at the Central, but to go for a longer ride...boy did that pay off!

Without knowing of it, I got the most spectacular view. For some odd reason I had imagined that the train only went underground when having reached the city...was proven wrong when I got to see the beautiful Harbour Bridge...

...and the Sydney Opera House at a close distance. When spring gets here I'll be sure to stop by Circular Quay (pronounced as "key") and have a closer look at the Opera House...and touch the Swedish Höganäs tiles!

Had lunch at the QVB and settled for some crepes filled with ricotta, feta, spinach, tomatoes and olives...delicious.
After that I mainly walked around from shop to shop, found some nice bargains as well.

Tomorrow is another eventful day, where I'm going to an interview...fingers crossed that things go well. More news of it tomorrow. Until next time, bye byeeee!

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