Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Around the neighbourhood

Been a lot of things going on lately. I've started my courses, which I really enjoy(more of that in a different post) and then I'm planning to actually move out from my current homestay to another place. So I've got plenty of things on my mind. Especially yesterday when I told my current homestay host about my current plans...let me put it mildly...he wasn't very happy about that. Better reason to move out I would say...especially after he raised his voice at me and having been interrogated like a criminal. During the entire talk I was really calm (those who know me knows that I'm one of the calmest persons in the world), however I simply had enough with his ways of talking to me and got quite mad and simply went into my room. No use of talking to someone who's mad and questioning your motives...right?

Anyway, today with a smile(fake) on my lips I decided to "pretend" like nothing happened and went out around the neighbourhood for some fresh air and to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having. (it's going to be +24-26C tomorrow and on Thursday!!!)

Walked outside and boy was it beautiful and warm. Typical ballerina flats weather and no need for a thick jacket either.

Why can't we have a winter weather like this in Sweden? ...oh right we live in the bum-freezing Arctic. :(

The neighbourhood I'm currently living in reminds me of those typical American Dream neighbourhoods.

Went into Ashfield city where there were plenty of fascinating Chinese shops and small but cosy parks.

Oh there are so many gorgeous period houses around. However some of the owners seems to have neglected their garden totally...which is a pity.

The funny thing is that there are plenty of "Julstj√§rnor"(poinsettia) blooming everywhere. In Sweden we always have them  around for Christmas.

If every day could be as calm, pleasant and slow as today..I would be happy as a bird. I suppose one just have take advantage of such days as today. I don't have any classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so getting away from studying can actually be quite productive in a sense...hopefully it will produce more motivation.

Until next time I bid you farewell, and hopefully I'll have some more news for all of you. :)

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