Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New place and a new start

So I've moved to a new place in a different suburb of Sydney today. I was quite sad to leave the other place were I really enjoyed myself, with beautiful surroundings and great company. However, I had to make this choice since I didn't want to start planning and moving while being caught up in all my studies. On top of that the place where my homestay host is moving to is going to need to be renovated, so it probably wouldn't have been the most ideal place for me to stay at.

I was quite fortunate to find this new place since I had previous connections with this Aussie lady and she was so kind to offer me a hand whenever I would need it and apparently her good friend had a room available for kind is that? I visited them a week ago and I really liked it and decided that I would move in. The entire family are so kind, there are 3 girls, who are just lovely and so sweet, and 1 boy. Even had the time to help two of the girls (the youngest and oldest)  make some peanut butter cookies today. Turned out to be delicious!

There are also 3 other students staying here, we have the entire top floor to ourselves. There are 2 girls from China, who are attending English classes. One can speak fairly alright English, while the other barley none. I'm sure we'll get along some how, and one can always reside to using sign language or something.
The last person actually arrived today as well, after me. He's from India and is attending a High School somewhere.
So plenty of people around, it's surprisingly quite calm and I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here.

Enough with the rambling, you'll hear plenty of me in the future now that I'm settled in. Take care and I'm off to take a shower and have a chat with my mum across the globe. :)

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