Saturday, July 16, 2011

My journey

Today was the first day I took the bus (all by myself!) into the CBD (central business district). And as occupied I was with trying to remember the route, I simply forgot my camera at typical. Oh well, I'm sure you'll get bored by all the picture by the end of my stay here.

Anyway, I can offer you a few photos I took while I was flying to Sydney. I wished I had taken a few shots while flying over Sydney. I saw the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House!! It was so incredibly beautiful. I'll probably devote one entire post to each don't worry! :)

Started off flying above Denmark's countryside.

Waved goodbye to familiar surrounding.

Realized that I have the shortest summer break that good?

My first stop would be in Brussels. It went so fast that I had no chance getting any photos there...

Well apart from the food I got on my way there. Even got some Belgian chocolate...mmm.

After approximately 6 hours of flight, where I didn't sleep at all...I landed in Abu Dhabi. Quite unaware that my luggage is lost somewhere. After that followed a crazy long flight, thankfully got some sleep watched 2 movies and then almost cried when I found out about my luggage.

Called the company and they said that it's going to come today, actually now that I'm looking at what time it's should arrive within one hour. *hopeful* I'm going to be the happiest girl in the world when it arrives...if it arrives that is.

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