Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Re-O Day & Mummies

This Monday I had my first 2 classes. My first though of it all was quite positive and I dare say I might even end up loving the courses I've chosen. I've already received some homework to do, a few texts to read and then I need to prepare for a group work. So I've got plenty of stuff to do, but in a way that's great since I'll get straight into the way of studying at Uni of Sydney.

Today was Re-O Day, to celebrate that Uni had started.

On one of the main roads on campus stood several stalls serving international food, selling various things, and most importantly offering various choices of clubs/societies to join.

Ok, so I didn't really plan to join any of the clubs...but once I saw this stall I just squeeled inside! As the period drama geek that I am, I just had to join the Darcy Society.

Having met the Darcy Soc's reps made me sure that I had made a wise choice, they were so kind and can't wait to meet them again. Joining a society will definitely be one of the best choices I've done while being here. It's a great way of meeting like-minded people, but also getting to know Aussies instead of sticking to people who come from your own country (which is usually the easiest thing to do).

Like a lot of people, I decided to have some lunch in the sunshine with a smile on my face . I bought some Japanese fried Veggie balls that were delicious. Unfortunately I was so hungry that I simply forgot to take a photo of it...oops!

Today was one of those days were you wish that every winter's day could be just the same in Sweden...I'm just not suitable for 3 months of snow were I freeze my bum matter how many layers of clothes I wear.

Now don't be alarmed...well actually you could be since that's a real mummy. As I was on my way back to the Quadrangle I decided to step into the Nicholson Museum.

The Nicholson Museum has the largest collection of antiquities in the southern hemisphere (not a great deal of competition). It holds some great artefacts from Ancient Egypt and from the Roman Empire, everything ranging from small items such as a lotus necklace to symbolize rebirth, to larger items such as...

stone heads of Egyptian gods that were larger than mine...

a bust of Hathor, the goddess of love, beauty, motherhood, music and joy. For those of you who don't know, I was deeply into Ancient Egyptian mythology when I was younger and I've been to Egypt this was another highlight of today.

The Roman collections was quite fascinating as well. It just amazes me to see how skilled people were back then and it quite interesting to read all the stories behind each object.

While some items told their own story, like this beautiful pot. The entire collection was remarkable. This museum is quite a hidden gem, and I would advise anyone who goes to Sydney to check it out...after all it's for free!

After having had the most splendid winter's day, I decided to head back home while soaking in the last rays of sunshine and contemplating about what tomorrow will my case a new course at 3 รณ clock.

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