Monday, July 25, 2011

Manly & North Fort

At first I really had no specific plans of what I was going to do yesterday. However, my homestay host asked me if I wanted to tag along on a day trip to Manly and the surrounding areas. I of course accepted the idea and off we went.

Along with 2 other persons we took the car and began our journey. We drove through the CBD with its incredibly high and shiny skyscrapers. Just imagine cleaning all those windows...

While driving through the more prestige areas of Sydney, we could spot some spectacular views. Off in the distance you can see the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Our first stop would end up being a nice secluded area called Duff Reserve. I'm sitting next to Robert which is my homestay host. The other two are friends with each other and the first one of them also lives with Robert.

It was a bit cloudy yesterday, but that didn't seem to stop people from getting the boat out or sailing. Well, it didn't stop us either...I've seen far worse weather while being here.

I inhaled the fresh ocean air and felt a great ease. Coming out of the city sure brings you to life and getting to see a different aspect of Sydney sure was fun.

In the surrounding area one could still see fragments of what Sydney once would have looked like.

It would have been filled with greenery and colourful flowers.

After having admired the view at Duff Reserve we went over the Harbour Bridge.

We arrived in Manly and went to have a walk by the beach.

The weather was ideal for surfing, great waves that carried them far.

However, I think I'll wait until it gets a bit warmer until I'm brave enough to head into the water.

Imagine how wonderful it must be there during spring and summer.

Just by the beach stood a number of bagpipers playing melodic tunes, while young girls were dancing. Was a Scotland fanatic when I was younger.(never been there though) After having watched them for a while we went back to the car and headed for a new destination.

Our last stop was North Fort and its surrounding area. The entire area had this magical and serene feeling to it.

Australia's national flower, the Golden Wattle, could be spotted everywhere. However, it's still not in full bloom.

All around you could hear frogs croaking. There was plenty of water around, yet I weren't able to spot a single one.

Within North Fort is the Defence of Sydney Monument. It is there to recognize the dedicated service of those many para military and civilian organizations that played an important role in the defence of Sydney during WWII.

A lookout serves as a monument and presents a spectacular view over the cliffs, bay area and Sydney.

In addition, Australia's Memorial Walk was made in honour as a memory of the 3,000 servicemen and women who served actively at home and and abroad from the mid 19th century. This also includes the British Colonial Regiments up to the present time.

Along the way is the North Fort Coastal Fortification. At this specific point they used to load the barrels and fire at the enemy.

I absolutely hate war, but I do enjoy history and find it quite fascinating.

After having contemplated about the devastating after-effects of several wars and how different the landscape must have looked back then, we decided to head back.

Once the weather improves and as it gets a bit warmer, I'm sure I'll come back here once least to have a look at the peaceful and beautiful nature.


  1. arghh Olivia... who will not love Sydney after all those pictures and descriptions ;) I am sure to include it in my holiday list after masters ;) Take care girl & enjoy the journey!

  2. That sounds very nice! You've made soooo many pictures and all of them are beautiful! What a great idea to do that <3

  3. @mdbarlach: Hehe! It sure is a nice place to visit and I still have tons of things to see. :)

    @Veronique: Aww thank you, how sweet of you!!