Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Parrots & Paintings

Since it was such a nice weather yesterday I decided to make the most of it and took the bus into the city to try to find the Royal Botanical Gardens.

While venturing among the tall rising buildings in the CBD I caught I glimpse of a gorgeous cathedral, the St Mary's Cathedral.

In front of it lays the Y Hotel Hyde Park where right in the middle is the grand Archibald Fountain.

Found my way to the gardens.

Right the in between The Domain and the Royal Botanical Gardens lay the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Thought I had a look, since I love art and I do have to say I saw some true beauties. Even managed to see some work by Millais, actually will go on a Pre-Raphaelite exhibition when I get the time for it. Anyway here are a few of my favourites (paintings and sculptures) from the art gallery.

Hope I haven't bored you yet. I just thought some of them were breathtakingly beautiful. Why don't artists paint like this any more? I shall never understand modern art, I painted like that when I was 3!

After having soaked in beautiful art, I crossed a bridge from The Domain...

... and into the Royal Botanical Garden.

It has pretty much anything. Everything ranging from huge cacti... exotic flowers.

But also more beautiful sculptures with palm trees in the background.

One could take a walk across romantic bridges in a rainforest.

Would you decide to look up, you could see some odd creatures hanging up side down...flying foxes.

If you got scared of some harmless bats, you could just get comfort by making friends with a few cockatoos. Cuteness overload ahead!

Once I've become warm in my heart by looking at this lovely birds, I decided to head back home for a much earned rest.

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