Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sculptures by the Sea

Wearing a bikini under my clothes and feeling the wonders of freedom I headed to the beach today.

My bus ride took me to the breathtaking and very famous Bondi Beach.

While people tried to decide whether to swim in the ocean or in a pool...

I ventured along the cliffs with a totally different least for now.

Each year the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk is transformed into a sculpture park.

Some are rather small, but meaningful.

Others are simply odd and creepy, as these invading sea-creatures.

Along the entire walk are beautiful cliffs that have been shaped by nature and Aboriginals.

Here are some more sculptures that I thought were fascinating...

How clever...a giant tap!

A short stop in Africa

Reminded me of a certain person's Patronus Charm ;)

Granny and granddad with their 7 cats frogs

Jack, I think I found your rum!

Indian Coca-Cola = Coconuts

Adore the colours in this one.

Do you have a screw loose?

I gave in to the alluring water and headed down to the beach.

Oh dear did it feel good to sit down and breathe in the fresh ocean air.

Felt like a happy dolphin in the water and enjoyed the delightful waves.

I was definitely not the only one feeling like that...

as there were plenty of surfers taking advantage of the wind and waves.

After having spent a well earned time at the beach I decided to head back...

while taking a last glance at the remaining sculptures and enjoying the scenery that nature created.

Tomorrow I shall take you all on another trip to a beautiful destination that will surely be one of my favourites up to date....

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