Monday, November 14, 2011

In a gentle way...

Oh my we've been having the most amazing weather while I've been typing away on my last essays and today certainly topped them all. Ok so today can be debated, since it's +38C and very humid. Anyway here's what my day looked like.

With a smile on my face I headed to uni to print out my last essay!

I felt relieved after having handed in my essay at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies office.

Now I can look straight ahead and have all the time in the world to do and see whatever I want to.

I figured a trip to the city would be nice, but I soon changed my mind as it was insanely hot.

I steered my way towards the Royal Botanic Garden to cool down in the jungle-like shade.

Getting away from all the stress and rewind was the perfect cure after a long term.

I wish...that my remaining stay in Sydney will be joyful and filled with adventures. :)

After having looked at the beautiful blossoming flower I sat down by this cool hollow rock.

The best thing I know are raspberries. Bought an entire box to treat myself!

Sitting there comfortably under the shade by the rock, I began planning my remaining week.

Then it reached +38C and I decided it was for the best to head home. I wasn't the only one who thought it got a bit too hot, this poor little fellow was almost hyperventilating. He "waved" me goodbye and I was thrilled when I found myself on my way home in an air-conditioned train. 


  1. yeah... that heat! it was driving me crazy! It is usually a cold season in Thailand around this time of the year so i'm not quite prepared for it.
    and WoW!!! your photos are fantastic!

    btw, this is puii :)

  2. Hi Puii!

    Haha yeah I know what that is like. It's even colder in Sweden, +7 right now. Going to freeze my bum off once I go back. :(

  3. ahh... i'm afraid i wouldn't survive that cold either :(
    keep warm and keep blogging

    your fan :)