Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Advent

Despite of the fact that I'm already at home, I feel that I've really enjoyed blogging while I was in Australia and now that I'm home I see no other reason to why I shouldn't continue. The only thing I feel I need to change is the name, but to what? I'm quite out of ideas at the moment, so I'm all up for ideas. Until then, I'll just post here and then I'll transfer my post to the new blog.

With a huge storm approaching me and my mum stayed inside and put up lamps for Advent.

I reckon that this season of the year has got to be the cosiest. When it's dark and cold outside, one can just sit inside in a warm sweater drinking hot mulled wine (white glögg in this case) and nibble on some delicious gingerbread. With December right around the corner I'm going to take a big advantage of the holiday spirit and all the yummy treats it has to offer. Lets see whether or not I'll be able to beat my last year's record of drinking mulled wine...

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  1. never tasted that -- i wonder if i can find it around here
    would love to try one :D