Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vaucluse House and Shark Bay

Today I woke up early to take the train to Circular Quay, where I would meet up with Annie.

We took the bus and did a short stop at Rose Bay, as we ended up taking the wrong number.

Once on our way to Vaucluse and Nielson Park, we noticed that we had ended up in a rich area.

Most of of these houses had an amazing bay view...

and would probably take me a lifetime to even be able to afford to live there. *sob*

After a short walk, it was time for lunch at the Vaucluse House's Tearoom.

I had a delicious panini with artichokes, red pepper, cheese, and rocket.

Feeling content and full, we headed into the lush garden with its beautiful flowers and greenery.

Through the "wilderness" we went on a quest to find the historical house.

There it was in all its pride and glory!

Vaucluse House, a "small" stone cottage built in 1803.

Even the stables was built to match the house.

On the other side of this gate was the kitchen/vegetable garden.

To be honest, by modern standards I wouldn't even mind to have lived in the servants quarters.

After having gathered some herbs in the garden one would chop them up in the kitchen.

Apparently, the Wentworth family were quite into jelly...thus having all those moulds.

In the butler's pantry, lamps would be cleaned, re-fuelled and wicks trimmed.

While in the courtyard, we were offered an amazing private guide around the entire house.

The 19th century facebook - where visitors would leave their notes/messages.

The gorgeous drawing room was intended for suitors to meet the Wentworth daughters.

The dining room was quite dark and Gothic. Very beautiful.

Up the stairs awaited even more lovely rooms.

Ahh I could have spent an entire day there, listening to the fascinating stories about the house.

Alas! It was time to head out again and enjoy the weather.

Along the entire way to Nielsen Park were blossoming flowers with the most mesmerizing scent.

In the distance we could hear the waves hitting the shore as we hurried along the park.

Let me provide you with today's Shark Bay galore!

Oh what a most splendid day today was.
Packing awaits fun fun.... :(
Oh, and hopefully a lovely goodbye dinner at a Polish restaurant. Pierogi here I come!

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