Friday, January 27, 2012

Rag Curls!

We all have those moments when we wish our hair was either shorter/longer or straight/curly. I've always wanted curly and super long hair. After years of persistence I've finally got fairly long hair, it's almost at waist length! My hair is fairly thick so I've always struggled with the weight of it, but I've finally found several hairstyles that works for me. I just adore braids.

Now what about those curls? I've always stayed away from using heat as it equals damage. But, as the avid period drama watcher that I am I've been quite fascinated by the rag curls the lovely ladies back in the days used to use.  A few years ago I decided to give it a try and who knew how easy it could be!

So this is what you'll need:

  • Brush/Comb
  • Strips of cotton - use an old sheet or a shirt you no longer use
  • Mousse or any other product for curls

 Do this:

  1. Wash your hair in the evening
  2. Brush/Comb your hair gently and part your hair. I do mine on the right side.
  3. Separate a front section of your hair. Depending on how tight you want your curls, for softer take more hair and for tighter less. It's more about trial and error, if you take too much it might be difficult to roll it up.This time I took about 1½ fingers width of hair. I take my section from ear length as it give me that vintage look. If you take it from the top of your head you'll end up with 18th century hair, which might be nice but perhaps not for an every day occasion. :)
  4. For a better hold I apply some mousse to my length at this point.
  5. This might take a bit of practice of you're new to it. But I found the best way is to take a rag, wrap it/cross it around the tip of the sectioned hair and then roll the hair from bottom to the top. Be sure not to roll it too tightly as it may not dry. Tie the rag around the hair. 
  6. I usually go from side to side when I take my sections, makes it more even.
  7. Once you're done just sleep on it. Lately I've put on a mesh cap for that extra hold.
  8. Once you wake up, remove the rags. Depending on the look you wish to achieve you may either let your hair be as it is (as in the photo below) or gently brush it. For your tips not to frizz too much, gently hold your hand under your hair and follow the curls when you brush it, it makes a huge difference. I usually apply some oil to the ends, but mousse works as well. 
Done! Now you're ready to take on the world with your new gorgeous retro hairstyle.  

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