Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Tree is up!

My camera has been behaving quite odd lately and didn't even get a decent photo for my Birthday, must be because of the dreary weather as it doesn't seem to want take reasonably clear photos. However, it seemed to cheer up a bit yesterday and I managed to take a few photos while decorating the Christmas tree.

Got a all the tree ornaments out. I've had these since I was little and they are very precious to me.

We do have some new additions as well, like this cheerful Santa snowman.

It didn't take long until I had glitter in my hair and Lunus wanted to feel part of the decorating.

This year our Christmas tree was upgraded into a larger size, so the decoration ended up being a bit scarce but the quality is so much better and it even looks like a real one. However I do like the Snow White look it has going on, with red apples and ribbons. Once they start having a sale on the Christmas decoration I think I'll replace the really old silver glitter to something gold instead.


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  1. Is Lunus a guy or a girl? S/he is gorgeous :D