Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas treats

Who knew time could fly this fast and it's already Christmas, well tomorrow that is.
I've been so incredibly busy with getting things done that I've neglected my dearest blog.
I'll be sure to take loads of photos tomorrow...oh I don't think I've been this excited for Christmas Eve in years! However, before I'm off to get my beauty sleep I'll show you all some of the things I've cooked today, since today was all about yummy treats.

Woke up and had some warm porridge with a peach, lemon tea, glass of juice and a sandwich.

Fried some New Zealand fish for a Greek salad. How international! :)

Made my favourite Matjes Herring Sallad. Taste like Midsummer Eve for some reason.

My mum made her famous fried herring. Thousand times better than the store bought one.

Gave in and I simply had to try the Polish barszcz soup with sourkraut and mushroom dumplings.

To finish things up we made white cheese donuts, which were to die for.
I think I might go on a diet after Christmas and New Years Eve... ;)

Have a Jolly Merry Christmas my dearest friends and readers. I'll see you all again after all the crazyness!


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