Friday, September 30, 2011

You know my methods, Watson

On a sunny day like today, what more can one do than to head out to the harbourside. My initial plan was to head off for a walk at Bondi beach, but as it was very windy I decided for a shorter trip instead.

I took a short ride with the ferry and arrived at Camp Cove beach in Watsons Bay.

Safely on land, I decided to first walk along the shore and breathe in the fresh air.

Once more I got to envy all the beautiful day, one day I tell you!!

I then realized that a paved road was leading up to a popular view point.

What awaited me up there was simply spectacular. 

The areas where the cliffs meets the water caused a ship to wreck in 1857.

The area goes now by the name The Gap or South Head.

I was in my true element with the ocean view wherever I turned.

One day in the not so very distant future I shall live in a place close to the ocean and the nature.

During spring I shall go for a daily walk and look at all the beautiful blooming flowers.

Back to reality, I ventured down the beach where there were lovely old caf├ęs and hotels.

The neighbourhood looked like it was taken out of a book.

Children played around in the sand and seagulls enjoyed the sunshine.

I sat down on the beach with my newly bought shoes and simply enjoyed what life had to offer.

Unfortunately the day had to come to an end when I had to catch the last ferry back to Circular Quay. I waved goodbye to Watsons Bay and promised myself that I would explore all the other bays around the area some other time.

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