Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarrr, Sydney Opera House in sight!

There comes a time when you start to realize that you've been a country for about half of your stay and it's time to start worrying about things you just have to see while in Australia.

Together with Shou...

...and Bella, we decided to have a lovely day around Circular Quay.

The harbour was packed with people and street performers who wished to show off their talent. This lady was super bendy and could fit her entire body into a small box.

Next-door was the Rocks market.  They sell such heavenly things there, but this day I decided to only have a look and spare making a hole in my wallet.

Ah just look at those cute mini books you can hang around your neck! Simply adorable.

There was also a stall were an artist sold these gorgeous paintings of the flora and fauna in Australia.

We stumbled upon a drool-worthy stall and I was quite eager to buy a dark chocolate covered strawberry...until I saw the price: $3 for just 1!

However, just around the corner sat a gang of pirates, who lifted our spirits and whom we had a nice talk with. Yarrr matey, shiver me timbers!

After having received a good pirate bounty of silver coins, we headed on to an area which I can be safe to say is the most famous landmark of Sydney.

Finally I have fulfilled my goal of getting to see the Sydney Opera House up close in person on a wonderful and warm day. Rest assure, I sure had no other choice than touch the tiles as well, after all they are from Höganäs, Sweden.

We then agreed on that we would some day take a ferry across the bay to some of the surrounding areas, both to get another view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, but also to see all the amazing beaches Sydney/NSW has to offer.

And once again another day had come to an end.

I'll have a plan to go to a beach/national park tomorrow with the "family" and Shou. You'll definitely get to know about it tomorrow...where I'll try to be fast in publishing a post.

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