Saturday, September 10, 2011

Under the moonlight

Phew! What a busy week it has been. Handed in all my assignments and I can finally relax now. We've had the most amazing weather while I had to study, but of course when I'm done with everything it's freezing cold. However, since I had worked so hard during the week I felt I deserved to treat myself and decided to head out to the Observatorium where the Chopstick Soc held an event to celebrate the upcoming Moon-festival.

Got myself prettied up and ready. Wore a flowery scarf to brighten up the mood.

Took the train to Circular Quay.

The water was in the bluest blue + a few smaller jellyfish here and there.

On the other side of the bay was the magnificent Sydney Opera House. I keep getting closer and closer to it and one very warm and beautiful day I shall show you it a lot closer up.

Despite that it was a chilly afternoon, flowers were blooming as a sign of spring.

Beautiful old vintage cars stood aligned the entire road up to the Observatory.

Happy couples were getting married all over the place and why not get your photos taken on top of a hill where you have the most perfect overlook over the city.

I had also arrived at my destination. Chinese lanterns were hanging up in a tree.

What a delightful company and food awaited there.

Just in time, the sun decided to come out for a few minutes and warm us up.

More people arrived. I didn't know a single person there (Annie arrived a little bit later), yet I felt right at home since everyone were so polite and friendly.

The sun was starting to set...

...and created this magical...

...and illuminous feeling of tranquillity.

A few minutes later it got pitch dark. The whole city lit up and flying foxes started to come out.

To celebrate the full moon we had some delicious cake. My favourite was the green tea flavoured one.

We talked and laughed a bit. Here's Annie with Mr.??. Loved her Indian skirt, so pretty!

and had some mooncake. Which was really good and had this creamy filling inside. Ah, they're going to spoil me to bits here in Australia.

Then it was time to build paper lanterns. Me and Annie decided to make a square and purple one with a hole that would represent the moon.

The interior was quite...charming? Ice-cream sticks, tape and wire.

By the end of the evening, 3 lanterns caught on fire. Ours escaped that destiny and quite obediently obliged when we said that we should perhaps blow out the candle...and 1 second later it did it by itself...

Until next time, toodelooo!

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