Monday, September 26, 2011

Taronga Zoo

Since the sky cleared up today I decided to spend my day outside.

I took the ferry for the first time from Circular Quay and felt the wonderful breeze in my face.

The captain took us around the bay, showing us the Sydney Opera House from a different angle.

We also got the chance to be jealous of the multi-million dollar house owners along the shore. I'm definately not surprised that Russell Crowe got a house there.

After a beautiful ride, I got off at Taronga Zoo where I would spend the rest of the day.

While taking the Sky Safari lift I got stuck up in the air. Didn't complain as I had a nice view.

Once at the top I got to be face to face with Australia's most charming animal.

The Koalas spent a few minutes eating eucalyptus leaves, and the fresh aroma filled the entire zoo.

There were also some spectacular colourful birds and parrots to look at.

I was thrilled to get to see the largest lizard in the world, a thirsty Komodo Dragon

Inside Reptile World were colourful Green Tree Frogs.

A several metre long yawning Boa...or perhaps a mere attempt to show off. :)

There were of course plenty of Lizards for me to point and squeal at

To the foreground of the city walked the incredibly tall Giraffes.

A cheeky little fellow was the Tasmanian Devil, who didn't seem as intimidating as they do on TV.

The Kangaroos were casually relaxing in the sun and I almost felt like joining them.

Right next to them was a Wallaby who had a staring completion with a lizard. (no one got hurt)

Right in the middle of the park were adorable Ring-Tailed Lemurs and stout Gorillas.

In the midst of all the big cats was a remarkably beautiful Tiger who just stole my heart.

The Meerkats were preening themselves and just simply enjoying the day.

By the end of the trail was a delightful seal who seemed happy to see all of us.

As a whole, I couldn't have been any happier today. I got to see one Australia's most iconic animals, along with other gorgeous creatures.

I even got to hug a big Koala *ehem* ...ok perhaps some other time then. ;)

Here's some more Koala love! 

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