Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens

My Wednesday began with a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden.

I've been here once before, but back then it was still a bit cold and there weren't really that many flowers as there was today.

It felt just like a warm Swedish summer, must have been more than +27C and I'm sure all the cacti enjoyed it as much as I did.

Walking around beautiful fountains and under the shade of palm trees takes you away from the hectic city life and helps you rewind.

Despite the fact that the park was very busy and filled with people, you could still find paths where you felt that you were totally alone in your own little world, wandering about and trying to figure out all the beautiful smells around you.

Ventured into areas of the garden where I've not previously been to...

...the Government House reminded me of smaller scaled Leeds Castle in England. Another great destination I shall have to come back to when it's open to the public.

Left the Sydney Opera House for another day and walked around Farm Cove to breathe in the refreshing air by the water.

It got really warm around noon and it felt like I was in a tropical rainforest with birds around me.

Sat down by a few palm trees and ate some sweet green tea Mochi, a Japanese rice cake. I've only tried the ice-cream version before and this one was as delicious.

The rest of the day, consisted mainly by looking around at all the interesting flowers. Both ones that I'm quite familiar with and other that were very exotic.

While I was on my way back out in all the labyrinth of paths, I saw something colourful in one of the turns and decided to head that direction.

Along the entire path were cherry trees in bloom, tulips that had just opened up and a whole arrange of other flowers.

Anything from delicate white hanging flowers that just shined in the sun light to purple bushes that popped in the background.

But my favourite have always been cotton candy-pink cherry trees. They always make me feel as if I'm in a little girl in a fairytale and as if I'm walking on clouds.

It's a pity though that they don't bloom for long, a short lived beauty...just have to enjoy it while one can now that spring is really here. :)

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