Sunday, September 11, 2011

Doggy Cake

Today was a day of celebration, since Freya and Asha both had their Birthday Party. Freya and Asha are the children of my homestay hosts and they are absolutely adorable and kind.

We were served a huge buffet with a great selection of yummy treats. I decided to have some fried rice with beans, eggplant in a spicy tomato sauce, and a salad consiting of lettuce, avocado (love love love), tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. It was so yummy that I almost died.

I sat next to Berry. She has got the most amazing hair, it's long and pretty!!

We were also joined by her boyfriend (to the right) and two other guys who lives here (it's a big house). One's from Spain and the other is Japanese and he just arrived today.  Yes, I know I'm terrible with remembering please forgive me, it takes time. :)

It was quite a large party and more and more people arrived. I even got to meet Cheryl, who helped me get in touch with my current homestay sweet of her and she was just lovely in person.

And then it was time for cake! A puppy chocolate cake and a home-made Oreo ice-cream tub...

...and boy was it delicious and oh so very soft, creamy and soooo much chocolate. A match made in heaven for a chocoholic.

Once almost everybody had left, I played two rounds of a fun game with Freya and her friend. At that point I was so full that I decided to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and preparing mentally for school tomorrow.

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