Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

As it was drizzling outside today, me and Annie decided to go to Wild Life Sydney after a delicious Thai lunch. Actually we had not really planned to do so, but simply caved into the entire idea of meeting adorable animals, getting away from the dreary rain and to warm up a bit.

We ventured into a newly built complex and headed off to an exciting animal adventure.

The first encounter I had was with this beautiful snake, who didn't want me to go...

Once inside we saw an even bigger snake which had just shed its skin and was sleeping away.

Inside a +30C warmed up room were the cutest tree frogs sitting on a rock...

but the best encounter was these beautiful butterflies that were flying around.

2 of them were very friendly and didn't mind sitting on our hands.

Just look at those breathtaking colours!

I think they were the biggest butterflies I've ever seen. Pretty much the size of my hand.

Nature's true beauty that's for sure.

Following the fresh eucalyptus smell, we met some adorable koalas.

Me and Annie could just stand there for hours mesmerized by the cuteness.

Of course there were even more snakes...

Sitting on a branch was a huge kookaburra, however it didn't make its famous laugh.

A wallaby and...

a wombat were eating away in the desert area.

While in a corner, was a crashed out kangaroo.

and then I got to see....adorable lizards!

In the night-life section was a vampire bat waiting to "sack yar blad!"

But the biggest of them all was a 40 year old croc!

I managed to guess his correct weigh, which was 520kg. One big boy that's for sure!

And here are two videos as a treat:

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