Monday, September 26, 2011

Australian Museum

When an entire weekend is dull, grey and rainy, what better idea is there than to head to the Australian Museum. I'm pretty much starting to plan all these smaller tripos to places I want to see now during the week, but the weather is a bit unstable at the moment so we'll see how that turns out. At the moment I'll just have to rely on places that are near by that are filled with interesting things to see...

In the first room I entered were skeleton. The largest in this photo is of a kangaroo.

Some skeletons sure can be creepy, yet very fascinating and quite complex.

But, the most amusing one was the above with a human who was just casually sitting at home.

Up the stairs was a room filled with crystals and minerals from all over the world.

Some were bright yellow and looked like edible lemon sweets.

While others were in a more dull shade, but beautiful nonetheless.

My favourite was the purple amethyst...

...and the opals, which has the most magical hue to them.

There is currently an exhibition on the art of the Scott Sisters of beautifully painted illustrations.

Delicate and colourful butterflies were also put on display.

Other insects such as scorpions and beetles were also on display.

I became 6 again when I entered into the dinosaur section.

Am I really weird for thinking that they are cute?

A more modern dinosaur, the blue-tongued skink was sleeping away in a corner.

Swimming around in a little pond was the cutest baby croc ever.

He was already quite eager to show off his small but sharp teeth. With this, my day ended with a big smile on by face and I was ready to start the week with new adventures. 

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