Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Travel books

Looking at my calendar I realized that it's less than month away until I leave Sweden for Australia...the whole idea of me going haven't sunk in yet.  Yesterday I decided to take the bus into the city and borrow some travel books about Australia, after all one can never be too prepared and I really enjoy reading travel books, even though they never really show a true picture of how it really is.

So I borrowed 3 books, 2 about Australia and 1 about Sydney. Will enjoy my VERY short summer holiday by reading these books.  At least I feel like one step closer to going, even if I'm starting to get a bit is quite far away but I'm sure I will have a blast Down Under.

I've been thinking about the blog design, I really like how it looks and all but there are a few things that aren't working properly they I want them to and I think I need to modify and change the design so I can have larger photos. Right now I feel that my photos will be too small, larger photos gives an entirely different dimension and feeling when reading a makes it more enjoyable.
So bear with me if things might look a little off regarding the blog design in the following days, I'll be experiment a little here and there and hopefully I'll find something to my liking.

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