Friday, June 10, 2011

New adventure

Hi there!

Some of you may know that I'm going to Australia (I still can't believe that I am) on the 12th of July, and those of you who don't...well SURPRISE! :)
Things were quite uncertain until a month or two ago, but now I'm 100% sure that I'm going. Well, that is if not some external natural power decides to go all crazy and intend to stop my plans.

So why did I decide to go to Australia?
Well, to be honest it wasn't something I thought of in the first place. Of course, as a lot of people I had it among one of my life goals to go there some time in the future before I die. But, then one day there was an announcement regarding exchange studies abroad. They talked about several countries and then they got to Australia, and I thought to myself: wow that has to be really awesome to go there. That was pretty much what I thought. I've already been once to England as an exchange student during my Bachelor degree for a year and if you're already been somewhere once there is a very little chance of you going again. I had the best time of my life while being in England so I know what it's like to study abroad. I've pretty much loved anything related to England ever since I was little so that was a dream come true, and England will always hold a special place in my heart.
So to make this story short, my mum told me that it wouldn't hurt to at least try to apply to be nominated as an exchange student and she was right. Surely I wouldn't get upset if I didn't get to go (ok perhaps a little) and I pretty much saw it as something fun and as another useful experience to get to know new people and dive into a new culture.

When  I received the news that I was nominated I was completely thrilled. I knew what was ahead of me (tons of paperwork), but it was going to be so worth it. Who knows if I will ever get the opportunity to go to Australia ever again, one has to seize the moment when it's there!
I can now happily say that I'm glad that I applied, I've got all the paperwork done, I'm accepted to the beautiful University of Sydney (which looks like Hogwarts on some of the photos I've seen!), and I've pretty much gone Aussie crazy and I watch all those programs and shows on TV that concerns Australia...ahh can't wait to go!

So yeah, this blog will be used mainly as a mean to show friends and family what I've been up to and those of who don't really know me...well just tag along and I'll show you all of my fun (or boring) adventures.

Until next time, I bid you farewell!

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